It seems unlikely that there would be a connection between a 90’s girl band and a kayaking adventure, but let me explain:

The 28th July 2018 marks the day that I leave for the French Alps, as well as the first day of “Spice Up”, an exhibition about the Spice Girls, taking place in London and Manchester.

If you watched the Spice Girls film back in the 90s you may remember their Union Jack painted double decker bus, driven by a character named Jack, (played by Meatloaf).
The company responsible for decorating the exterior of the bus was SEC Signworks, who are not only re-vamping the Spice Bus for this exhibition along with their parent company South East Coachworks, but they are also creating a wrap for the Land Rover Discovery that Barrett’s Land Rover Ashford have kindly provided for my Alps adventure.

TV appearances this month. The newly revamped Spice Bus is rumoured to be appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show on Monday 23rd July, and I appeared on KMTV to talk about Kayak for Blackthorn on Monday 16th July. I know, it’s uncanny! You can watch my TV debut below (scroll forward to 49.26)

Last but not least, “Girl Power!” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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