Rabioux Wave – or Rab Wave for short – is a well-known feature on the river Durance. There is a riverside cafe – a perfect vantage point for watching people come through the wave, attempting to stay upright in a whole host of different craft, from rubber rings to rafts and kayaks. Some are more successful than others, which is why it has become a notorious place for spectators.

Knowing that I am a nervous paddler at the best of times, my coach decided it best not to give me too much advance warning that we were approaching Rab Wave. Actually, he didn’t mention it at all, and the first thing I knew about it was when he announced that I’d just come through it – upright! Going back and making a second attempt was quite a different matter, and I have to admit that I wasn’t sure that I would pick the right line through the wave – go too far left and there is a much greater risk of capsizing. Watch the video clip to see how I got on!


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