On the 28th July I will be attempting to kayak down a white water river in the French Alps, having had just 6 months to master several years’-worth of training. My decision to take on such a big challenge was born out of a life-changing crisis, and I will be doing it to raise £10,000 for my employer, The Blackthorn Trust, a Kent-based charity who supported me while my life fell apart around me.

The Blackthorn Trust is a community of people working together to help people to change their lives, and I wanted to bring that sense of community to my project by pulling together Kent-based businesses, not only to support me with sponsorship and practical support, but also to meet and connect with each other in the process.

So when Jason Dodd, photographer for this project, put me in touch with Canterbury BNI – an organisation that specializes in helping businesses to help each other – it seemed like the perfect match.

Canterbury BNI helps small businesses to make contact with potential customers via a networking model. Colleagues recommend each other to their contacts and vice versa. In the last year alone, it recorded over £3.5 million worth of business between partners.

Not only have I made great connections with local businesses that have helped me, Canterbury BNI have also agreed to sponsor me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

What kind of crisis leads to such a dramatic decision? Find out here: http://www.kayakforblackthorn.com/uncategorized/how-a-crisis-can-turn-into-a-life-changing-adventure/

You can sponsor me at www.gofundme.com/kayakforblackthorn

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