With just 4 days to go before we set off for the French Alps, last-minute preparations are well underway to bring the project to life. There’s nothing like a massive ‘Kayak for Blackthorn’ logo on the side of a Land Rover Discovery to bring home the reality that this is actually happening, and that this time next week I will have had my first experience on a real white water river.

The Land Rover also showcases a handful of the Kent-based companies that have given me their time, expertise and sponsorship to help turn my ever-so-slightly crazy idea into reality. Had it not been for them, I would be having a quiet week enjoying the unusually hot English sun, which would be nice, but perhaps not quite so memorable.

With only £1,100 to raise to reach my £10,000 target I would love to think that we could get there by the time I leave on Saturday morning. Can you help?


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