With less than a month to go, the training is nearly over. The learning curve has been long and slow, but mid-June marked the start of a big upturn in skills and confidence.

This video clip shows the day I finally managed to roll myself back up on fast-moving water. After weeks of falling out of my boat and swimming on a regular basis this was a big moment!

Everyone told me that nailing the white water roll would be a game-changer, and they were right. Knowing that I’ve got a fair chance of rolling up if I capsize has made me much more willing to take risks, which is very helpful in a sport where many of the techniques are completely counter-intuitive.

When I think back to how scared I used to be each time I got on the water I can’t believe how different things are now. I have had so much input from so many people, and I am very lucky to have a coach who has a real knack for making training fun. Right at the end of this clip you will see the moment where he casually suggested that I tried to side surf the wave at the bottom of the course!


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